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Russell Hobbs (20365-56) Aura Juice Extractor - 650W Power, 2 speeds (hard and soft fruit), Intelligent variable speed control, Extra wide 75mm feed chute for whole fruit, 2L pulp container and 700ml juice jug, Removable stainless steel blade for easy cleaning, Safety locking arm, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
Product Overview:
Drinking delicious fresh juice puts a spring in your step and gives you an instant feeling of well being. It’s a great way to get your vitamins any time of day. Whether you love the tang of citrus or the fresh bite of apple or carrot juice the Russell Hobbs (20365-56) Aura Juice Extractor is equipped to extract juice from hard or soft fruit and veg.
This stylish white juice extractor has 2 speed settings and an extra wide 75mm chute that can accommodate whole pieces. A 2 litre pulp container captures the excess and prevents mess. You could even use the pulp in baking or for sauces. The steel blades can be removed for easy cleaning. The Aura Juice Extractor is a great solution for busy people who love fresh juice but and want an easy way to get more of it into their diets. There’s no mess, no fuss just a reviving vitamin hit to pick you up. 
Stylish and White
Each brilliant white appliance in the Aura collection will look clean and fresh in every kitchen. The premium white surface glows against the matte black accents and each piece has been designed to be simple to use and easy to clean. The simplicity of the Aura Juicer will ensure it takes pride of place at the heart of every kitchen.
Extra wide feed chute
The Juicer provides a 75 mm size chute to accommodate whole pieces of fruit, saving you time as you don’t have to waste time cutting up the fruit and veg before juicing.
aura juicer
Two Speeds
The 550 W Juice Extractor has two adjustable speeds so that you can alter the speed depending on the ingredients you are juicing.
2 L Pulp Container
The 2 L pulp container confines all of the ‘waste’ produce from juicing such as the skin, core’s and seeds. The container is large enough that you don’t have to keep emptying the contents in the middle of juicing and it is also easy to clean so that you can spend less time cleaning.
750 ml Juice Jug
The Aura Whole Fruit Juice Extractor comes complete with a 750 ml juice jug so that you can easily catch and pour the juice you are making.
aura juicer
Removable Stainless Steel Blade
The removable stainless steel blade is durable and easy to clean after use.
Safety Locking Arm
The safety arm prevents the juice from squirting everywhere when the juicer is switched on, keeping your kitchen from getting a showering of juice. 
• Power 650W
• 2 speeds (hard and soft fruit)
• Intelligent variable speed control
• Extra wide 75mm feed chute for whole fruit
• 2L pulp container and 700ml juice jug
• Removable stainless steel blade for easy cleaning
• Safety locking arm

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