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George Foreman 14181 4 Portion Melt & Grill - Cooks up to 4 portions of food, Non-stick finish on grill plates, Elevated grill, Silver finish, Metal handle, Floating Hinge, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

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George Foreman 14181 4 Portion Melt & Grill - Cooks up to 4 portions of food, Non-stick finish on grill plates, Elevated grill, Silver finish, Metal handle, Floating Hinge, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

Product Overview
This George Foreman Melt & Grill comes in a modern and sleek silver and black design and features both a contact and elevated grill, which feature a non-stick finish for ease. It features an additional melt mode on the elevated grill, the grill also channels fat and grease into a separate compartment which makes it easier to clean, it also comes complete with an extended handle for a safer and easier use. The George Foreman 4 portion electric grill can be locked open for melting the perfect cheese on toast or other toppings.
The slim, stylish grill and melt is sure to look great in your kitchen. With black plates inside,
a silver metal handle and silver top finish, the 14181 will look fantastic with your other kitchen appliances and accessories.
So that you can open the lid easily, the grill and melt has a metal handle, making it easier to use.
With a grill on the top and bottom, the 14181 is incredibly energy efficient as it takes less power to cook through your food,
saving you money on electricity bills and ensuring your food is thoroughly and deliciously cooked.

Programmes and Features
As the 14181 has a locking grill feature, you’ll be able to store the grill and melt vertically or on its side.
This is perfect for smaller kitchens as it will take up minimal room in your cupboards.
This is also a great feature to ensure safety as the locking device will prevent the grill from opening in your cupboards.

Non Stick Grill Plates
You’ll get delicious food every time you use this grill without having the trouble of it sticking to the grill plates and burning.
The non-stick coating makes it easier for fat to glide away from the food instead of leaving a greasy coating on your food.
As the grill plates are non-stick this means that they are easy clean. You won’t have the hassle of spending lots of time trying
to scrape away all the burnt food and ruining your grill. You’ll easily be able to wipe away anything that’s stuck to the grill plates.

Floating hinge

The grill has a floating hinge which enables you to cook thick pieces of food evenly,
perfect if you love to have a lovely thick piece of steak or chicken.
You’ll even be able to toast sandwiches and Panini’s easily.
Elevated Grilling
This grill has an elevated grilling option, which will give you the ability to cook your food without squashing it.
For the elevated grill all you have to do is lift the lid up to bring the hinges to the top, then pull the lid forward to close it.
This will leave a gap between the plates which is great for cooking things that you don’t want to squash like cheese on toast or tomatoes.

George Foreman

George Foreman have sold nearly 100 million grills since they were first released in 1995,
and therefore it is possible to argue that they are the most famous and popular of all grills.
At the core of this product is its fat reduction technology, with independent tests showing that the George Foreman Grill
removes up to 42% of fat. Over the years, the range of George Foreman grills has developed with
the introduction of innovative features including removable plates for an easy clean and a floating hinge,
enabling you to conveniently cook thicker meat.

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